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Important: We are UNABLE to offer legal advice and representation to police officers in the following circumstances.

  • Stopped working as a police officer more than 3 months ago;
  • Have voluntarily opted out of the police pension scheme (1987/2006/CARE2015) at any point since 31st March 2012, including officers who have later re-joined the pension;
  • Fully protected i.e. Not required to move to the CARE2015 police pension scheme at any point;
  • Currently on a career break;
  • Work in Northern Ireland;
  • Work for Ministry of Defence (MOD) or the British Transport Police (BTP)
  • Work for the National Crime Agency (NCA) and contribute to the Civil Service Pension
  • Were appointed as a police officer on or after 1st April 2015

If any of the circumstances above apply to you please seek alternative representation at http://solicitors.lawsociety.org.uk/



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If you would prefer to discuss with a member of the team please call 0800 689 9046