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Pensions Challenge powered by Leigh Day

Pensions Challenge is brought by Leigh Day, a nationwide law firm who specialise in workplace discrimination. We believe that those public sector workers working on the front line have the right to a fair pension.

We don’t act for big corporations; we act for individuals.  We want to promote equality and challenge unfair pensions.  Our specialist team of discrimination lawyers has already successfully challenged the changes made to judges’ pensions, having brought claims for individual judges who were negatively affected by the changes, and we are also acting for around 15,000 police officers bringing similar challenges.

We are now advising in relation to similar claims for doctors, teachers and additional police officers, as we believe that the government has infringed the rights of public sector workers by unlawfully discriminating in relation to their pensions.

We are bringing claims on behalf of those public sector workers who have been effected by the government’s pension scheme. Thousands of public sector workers have seen their overall final pension contribution reduced due to the changes made by the new pension scheme. However the changes have not effected all public sector workers, only those who were born after a certain date.

This is why we are challenging the governments decision to eject certain public sector workers from the previous and more favourable pension scheme, solely based on their age.

If we are successful, thousands of doctors, teachers and police officers across the UK will receive a fair pension and could be owed compensation for their losses.